Puppy Love!

Beverley Viljoen, Maid of Honor

When Bev moved into the Whipple household in high school, she was instantly part of the family. When she moved to New York to live the bohemian dream, Ashley was heartbroken. But even with nearly 3,000 miles between them, their enduring friendship and sisterhood is a gift that Ashley treasures.

Samantha Sayban, Bridesmaid

With no younger siblings growing up, and a generally small family, Sam was the closest Ashley ever had to a little sister. Watching Sam grow into a beautiful young woman, they have become friends and confidants.

Julie Broms, Bridesmaid

Julie is Ashley’s oldest friend. Over the years, through grade school, high school, college, and Julie’s recent wedding to her college sweetheart, Ashley and Julie have remained friends.

Christine Towner, Bridesmaid

It is always nerve-racking to meet the boyfriend’s family for the first time. Christine made that meeting comfortable and immediately welcomed Ashley into the family. Her warmth and love makes Ashley proud to call her a sister.

Scott Harville, Best Man

Scott is Troy’s oldest friend, knowing each other since a Kindergarten musical tribute to the Beach Boys, and remaining friends ever since. Scott and Troy have a few miles between them, yet they still find time to have fun dirt-biking, camping, snowboarding and beer drinking.

Caution: He will BITE YOU!

Jose Munguia, Groomsman

Troy and Jose met at San Jose State in the dorms, and got into a lot of mischief together. Jose and Troy have been roommates on and off for 10 years, and Ashley has accepted him as a friend and roommate as well.

Paul Harville, Groomsman

Paul is the younger brother of the Best Man, and growing up was always a tag-along to his big brother. As they have grown up, Troy and Paul have grown together due to a shared interests like Snowboarding.

Al Simpson (The Diva!)

Al Simpson, Groomsman

Troy met Al when they worked together at Jeppesen, yet knew of one another at San Jose State. They both earned Aviation degrees from SJSU, and currently work at the same company. Al and Troy work and play together, both enjoying Snowboarding, dirt biking, camping and almost anything Al can talk Troy into doing.

Flower Girl in a BOX!

Itzel Estrada-Towner, Flower Girl

The oldest of the children of Troy's siblings, Itzel has been a large presence in Troy and Ashley’s lives. It has been a pleasure to watch her growup and look forward to year to come.

Lydia Sellery, Officiant

Lydia is the girlfriend of the Best Man and also a good friend of Ashley and Troy. At the request of Troy and Ashley, Lydia will be officiating their wedding ceremony.

Ashley's Parents, Art, Sandie

Art and Sandie are eager for August 21, 2010 to arrive!

Troy's Parents, Steve, Pam

Steve and Pam welcome Ashley into the family, and are excited to get rid of Troy!

The Dogs: Bailey, Morgan

Although Ashleys second love (Bailey) is not allowed at Nestledown, they will be in her thoughts the big day.